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Home Page Welcome to our website!  
New Goodies Brand new goodies in 2007  
Contact Us Lists all our contact information, business hours, and driving directions. Accessible from every page of our site.
Featured Products Our COMPLETE on line catalog....A-Z
    How to Order Explains how to order from our website using our new shopping cart.
X-Appeal Original Designs The full line of X-Appeal orginals, with large pictures and ordering information.
Product News Read about the latest patterns and stitching stuff.
Our Newsletter Our "Shorttakes" Online Email Newsletter
Classes Our current class schedule.
Connie's Column Anything goes in this column...a little bit of this..a little bit of that. 
Pictures of our Shop Family Some photos of us..and those who love us!
Related Sites Links to designers and distributors.
Ruth Ellen's Two Cents "Two Cents" from Ruth Ellen.....our founder and fearless leader.