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Our Gang

freaky friday!!

It's Friday the 13th & it's time for a Devilishly fun sale ... and as hot as it's been, I think the devil would feel right at home ...

But back to our fun!

ps skull

All day Friday, from the stroke of midnight to the stroke of midnight, all the creepy, crawly, scary, spooky designs are 20% off for your trick-or-treating fun!

Before you get down to the blood & guts of the fun, I want to ask you to read ALL THE WAY to the bottom for some houskeeping info: there are a few points of clarification that apply to every day, not just Friday the 13th!!   

skeleton crew jacki

Skeleton Crew - from Cricket Collection.  Holy skull & bones, Batman!! Lise just finished framing Jacki's "Skeleton Crew" & WOW!!!  We were lovin' this when Jacki brought it in for framing, but now it's AWESOME!  The frame has skulls & bones all around ~ what could be better for this piece?  We have all her color changes here too!  If you're nearby, stop in the shop & see this, as we are holding it for ransom until Jacki brings us more treats we have it on loan until Jacki comes to take it home!! 


Heads Up ~ the spoolkeeps are here!

These little spoolkeeps are A-DORABLE!!!  Each kit includes EVERYTHING you need to make these little spooks: buttons & pins, the felt ball, the spool, the WDW wool, fabric pieces, ribbon & perle cotton.  All you need is a needle, floss & some glue!

A quick note: they are also available with just the buttons & pins & felt ball ~ you would have to add everything else.  We are carrying the complete kits (because we know WE don't have time to go searching for all the other stuff, so you probably don't either). 

gus ghost spoolkeep jabc  wendy witch spoolkeep jabc  mumford mummy jabc spoolkeep

Gus the Ghost  ~  Wendy the Witch  ~  Mumford the Mummy

frankie monster spoolkeep jabc   barney bat spoolkeep jabc   baskin cat spoolkeep jabc

Frankie the Monster  ~ Barney the Bat  ~  Baskin the Kitty



It's here!  And it is jammmed full of spooky treats for you to stitch!  This year's issue has larger pictures as well as little ornaments ~ 48 designs in a $9.99 magazine!  I have to say, this is no trick, it's the best treat in town.  Don't miss your chance to get yours ~ once they're gone...they're gone.


Below are lots of tricks & treats to get your juices flowing, but by no means is this a complete selection.  We've pictured some of our brand new temptations & some of our old haunts as well.  Be sure to browse thru the website for lots of other surprises, particularly the halloween category, but check thru some of the other sections as well, since you never know where something might just pop up!

Image    Image

Halloweenies - Howl cute is this?

Lil Halloween - frighteningly quick to stitch!

Image   Image

The Boys are Back - A girl could really lose her head over this pack.

Witch's Pantry - It's better-stocked than my pantry...

Image   Halloween (the moon laughs) - CHART PACK: BAN204-PRT

October 31 - Don't mess with this kitty!

The Moon Laughs - listen, if the moon is laughing, you need to back off the candy.


Witch's Treat - Be careful ~ your mummy told you never take treats from strangers!

Image    Image     Image

Boo Scurry Yum - Well, I like the "yum" part...

Tangled Web - Be careful Mr Bat ~ you'd make a tasty treat if you get caught in that web!

Candy Corn - and boo to you too!

    Image    Image

Boo Ya - ESPN + cross stitch = Boo Ya!

Witch Hazel - Is it just me, or does that pumpkin look like one of the pigs on Angry Birds?

Image   Image

Wordplay: October - back where it all began...

Hilda's Alphabet Brew - spooky enough to keep you up nights (so you might as well stitch...)

       Image   Image

No MINE is the Trick & the Treat - It's gonna be a trick just to get these all matched up.

Enchanted Crow - Oh no, get off my hat....

Image   Image

Jolly Jack - Those crows are sooooo picky!

Monster Mash - those ghosts are so light on their feet!

october 31 threadwork primitives       Image

October 31 - Aaaaaaaggghhhhhh!

Black Cat Sampler - Mr smartypants!


Witch Shoes - Ballerinas all, obviously.

Image Image

Spooky Halloween - gulp!

Halloween Tree - I vant to be alone....

jbw halloween ornaments1   jbw halloween ornaments 2 jbw halloween ornaments 3

Halloween Ornaments I, II & III - no good witch lets her tree go unadorned!

Image         Image

All Hallows Eve - You gotta have some really good treats to get me up that walk.

Heads Up! - this is a motley crew, here.

    Image    Image

Thine is the Trick & the Treat - I like the hands with the eyeballs ~ talk about "don't look"....

Casting a Spell - or a fishing line...


Image witching hour cricket  Image

Magic Brew - so that's what those kids are calling it these days....

Witching Time - every hour of every day.

Halloween is a Treat - but not if you're a pumpkin.


Image ImageImage Image

Halloweenscornu - If you stare at it long enough, you can see Elvis!

Happy Howl-o-ween Fob - this will keep your stitching mojo going!

Bootscornu - If the shoe fits, buy all four.

Trick or Treat Fob - a sure way to get NO TREATS! 

    Image    Image

Halloween Luck - I'm not sure the kitty is feeling the luck!

Halloween Cove - don't drink & fly (or you'll end up under the RIP's).

    Image     Image

Bone Cheeks - connected to the .... uh, never mind.

Halloween Pumkin - Hey you! Yeah, you, with the spiderwebs in your eyes...

come sit for a spell cricket    Image

Sit For a Spell - it's more fun than sitting for a picture!

Get Scared - or just spend a day with some 10-year-olds.

Image   Image  

Crow & Pumpkin Needleminder - your needle will magically become a golden carriage.....or not.  At least it won't disappear.

Boo to You Needleminder - spooky!

Image      Image

Witch Boots Scissors - Heels or toes? Which will hurt more?

Gone Batty Scissors - hey!  Scissors made to match my state of mind!!




We do our level best   ... what, exactly, does that mean?  And can you do an "unlevel" best?...  to provide as much fantastic stuff as possible in the shop & on the website. On line we are trying to do a better job of listing all the "go with" goodies you'll need.  In the shop we're working on keeping as many of your favorite things in stock as we can.  Given our restraints  ~ time in one case, & space in the other ~ there will be times that things may be out of stock.  Keep in mind that we will get anything you need back in the shop ASAP & will call you if you'd like to pick it up or we'll send it out if you live further away.  One other note about the website ~ actually 2, & then we'll move on ~ we do keep things online that we don't have in the shop ONLY IF we know we can get it for you in a reasonable time frame (no more than a couple weeks).  Right now we are having a real struggle with one of our more popular designers as far as their shipping response time & I am dangerously close to pulling all their things offline because I HATE for you to have to wait.  It may still happen.  Also, while we are focusing much more & supplying all the info you need, we find that Neverday never gets here ~ you know, the day where we can go back & update info, change prices or note the necessity of a substitute.  There will be prices differences from time to time.  If they are materially different, we will contact you first.  This summer has been particularly harried as we try to make it possible for those of us who work here to go on vacation, be with family for medical reasons & take care of kids.

Bottom line: bear with us!  We're sure that the inventory fairy will one day magically appear & make all our supplies & info perfect.  As Cindy says, "we're just a ticket away"! 

Okay stitchers & ghouls, now is the time to stock up on treats that you don't have to X-Ray before you enjoy them!