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ABC of Sheep ~ TH

Price: $11.50
Add 32ct Unbleached for $9.50
Add Alt fabric 16ct aida for $6.50
Add DMC for $5.39

Bunny Hop

Price: $7.20
Add Fabric: 32ct Stone for $9.50
Add Fibers: 7 overdyed wool for $24.50

Cookies House

Price: $7.20
Add TSS Fabric: 30ct Lambswool for $10.00
Add Fibers: 6 overdyed for $14.40

Lady on the Moors ~ TH

Price: $11.00
Add TSS Fabric: 32LL Pecan Butter for $15.00
Add Fibers: 9 overdyed for $21.60

My Sister Is

Price: $11.00
Add TSS Fabric: 32PP Legacy for $13.25
Add Fibers: 13 overdyed for $31.20

Queen of the Keys ~ TH

Price: $11.00
Add Fabric: 35DN North Beach Brown for $15.50
Add Fibers: 10 NPI silks for $50.00
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 36LL Examplar for $15.00
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 10 DMC for $4.90

Winter Sheep ~ TH

Price: $8.00
Add TSS Fabric: 32PP Dapple for $13.25
Add Fibers: 7 overdyed for $17.50

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