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It's hard to believe, but we don't spend ALL our waking hours stitching!  Let's face it, sometimes ya gotta do laundry or buy groceries.  Sometimes we even do other fun stuff (like eat out!).  So we're compiling a list of non-stitching favorite things to share with you!  If you have some you especially like, email us & we'll definitely check them out! 

All of us read & a few of us (Beth & Nancy, particularly) sometimes have a hard time choosing between stitching or reading.  We know that many stitchers listen to audio books, but Nancy & Beth seem to need to be able to touch (&Smell) their books.  We're a little concerned about the whole "smelling" issue, but they assure us it is essential to the reading experience.  I don't see any of Oprah's favorite Kindles in their futures! 

Phyllis is our resident "wow, that's gorgeous" person.  She is also our bargain finder!  Seriously.   Typical conversation: "Phyllis, your dress/top/shoes are gorgeous.   Where'd you get them?" Her reply: " oh, it was on the sale rack at ______ . It was originally $1,000 but I got it for $25, plus I had a 20% off coupon and it was Wednesday, so it came out to 13 cents!"  Yeah, we don't even try anymore. 

We quilt (well, some of us do - not Molly. sore subject).  We decorate (actually, we like to "virtually" decorate).  We eat (we ALL do this - a lot!!) We love our dogs & cats.  On good days, we love our kids.  On other days, we try not to hurt them!  We like makeup. And shoes! And cookies (in an alternate universe, Beth would be a baker - however, this would be the definition of "eating your profits").

so without further ado (altough there may be more ado later) . . . .

Enjoy these!

Things we like to do

Phillies - Molly & Beth are here at least 2 or 3 times a month, not including the POST SEASON & WORLD SERIES!

Fireside Stitchery - aka, Fiber Heaven!  The best place for needlepoint (& we love their huge selection of threads - talk about a dangerous place!

Chadds Ford History - Lise, our illustrious framer, is also the baker at the John Chad House - beehive oven, colonial garb, great bread!

Anthropologie - look for sales, browse for ideas (Nancy has big letters from there on her wall - the first initial of each person in their family - really cool!). 

Terrain at Styers - our local nursery, they also now have a cafe, workshops, a farmer's market - it's wonderful!

IKEA - we love this place.  We have outfitted 3 shops, 2 houses & a poolhouse at IKEA.  Ruthie, of course, has a real "thing" for anything Scandinavian & finds IKEA's things to be so logical (she often says "those Swedes are so creative").  In fact, she would love to be the "night watchman" (actually, if they would let her, she'd just live there).

Places we like to go (& stay)

Williamsburg, VA - Beth went to college here & we all love going there.  If you're going, make sure to eat at The Cheese Shoppe in Merchant Square (get a sandwich with LOTS of house dressing - in fact, you can just get a big tub of house & bread ends.  It's so worth it).

Things we like to eat

Flour Bakery - in Boston.  I know, not local, but if you're in Boston GO THERE. Abby's husband is from Boston & Beth discovered this place a couple years ago.  If we had anything like it here, she'd LIVE there.

The Cheese Shoppe - The best sandwiches EVER!  House Dressing ~ Beth could live on this.  They do mail order now!

The Pharmacy - Beth & Molly's first stop upon arriving in Nashville!  Fabulous burgers & fries, cold beers, dive atmosphere....we love it!

Charcoal Pit - the best burgers in the area.  Also great cheese steaks.  A Wilmington landmark.

Capri Water Ice - The best water ice & gelato around!  A summertime favorite.

Recipezaar - so if you actually want to cook (if not, see "things we like to watch"), this is a good recipe search site.  You can actually enter what ingredients you have on hand & they'll find you recipes using those items.  It's getting harder & harder to find excuses not to cook!!

Things we like to wear

Dansko - if you haven't tried these clogs you should!  Worn by doctors, chefs & girls at TSS!  Also, if you're in our area, go to the outlet in Jennersville - they're HALF PRICE!

Sephora - got makeup?  Molly & Beth discovered this place during a trip to Charlotte.  When one opened at King of Prussia, they took the day off for the occasion.  Sad, we know.

Philanthropy Fashion - a Fabulous store in Franklin, TN (I've just recently discovered they have a few other locations).  Their clothes are funky & fun & they use their profits to support charity.

Things we like to watch

Food Network - All the food you could ever want - & nothing to clean up! 

Top Chef - even more great food TV - who knew you could be a competitive cook?

HGTV - we love this site (although I think Connie loves it the most!). Connie's favorite section is "rate my space"!

Project Runway - is this not the greatest show?  Sometimes it's really great, other times it's like a train wreck.  "Auf wiedersehen".

Fuzzy Friends

Main Line Animal Rescue - Molly's 2 fuzz faces came from here & they do a WONDERFUL job rescuing, & finding homes for, animals.  You may have seen them contributing to the show on puppy mills on Oprah last year, Nightline this year & recently concerning Michael Vick.

Pennsylvania SPCA - again, all the great work they do...you just can't say enough.

In the Company of Dogs - a great catalog for anything you need connected for dogs (T-shirts, beds, jammies...) & the people who love them.




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