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Blessings Be Upon this House ~ AR

Price: $12.00

Do More of What Makes you Happy

Price: $9.50

Flower Gatherer ~ AR

Price: $11.00

I Think I'll Just be Happy

Price: $9.50
Add Fabric: 32PP Wren for $13.25
Add Fibers: 10 overdyed for $24.10
Add Chenille trim for $6.00

I Think I'll Just Be Happy Today ~ AR

Price: $9.50

Joyful Heart ~ AR

Price: $12.00

Love Generously - AR
this lovely little sampler is 3rd in a series. I love the heart quaker motif in this one.
Price: $8.00
Add Fibers: 10 overdyed for $25.00

Love One Another ~ AR

Price: $8.50
Add Set of Pins for $6.00

No Matter How Hard the Winter ~ AR

Price: $10.00

Pins & Needles ~ Abby Rose

Price: $9.00

Spring is Here ~ AR
Overdyed Fibers: ST Antique Rose, Rose Garden, Dried Thyme, Avocado, Maple Syrup, Faded Rose, Garden Gate WDW: Dolphin, Tin Roof DMC: 3866
Price: $10.00
Add Fabric: 32LL Pearled Barley for $15.00
Add Fibers: 9 Overdyed for $21.80
Add FIber: 1 DMC for $0.52

Spring Time ~ AR

Price: $9.00

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