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A Tree of Life Sampler
This is a wonderful birth sampler - love the parent's names at the bottom!
Price: $15.30
Add Fabric: 32ct Lt Mocha for $9.50
Add Fibers: 12 DMC for $5.88

Announcement Sampler
A wonderful sampler-style baby announcement, for those who don't want anything cutesy!
Price: $18.00
Add Fabric - 32ct. Belfast Light Mocha for $19.00
Add Floss - 16 DMC for $8.32

Baby Celebration

Price: $17.00
Add Fabric: 32ct Unbleached for $9.00
Add Fibers: 30 DMC for $14.70

Baby Garden Birth Sampler
This birth sampler from Just Nan is soooo cute. Pack full of fun specialty stitches and other great things..this will be so much fun to stitch for the little girl it will commemorate.
Price: $16.50
Add Fabric: 28ct unbleached for $9.25
Add Fibers: 34 DMC for $17.68

Baby Owl Birth Sampler

Price: $6.00

Barn Babies Birth Sampler
Kit includes chart, fabric, and floss-this sampler has the colors of one of the popular kid's stores (read PB Kids!)...a great gift!
Price: $17.99

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! This has my son's name on it....I only wish I had stitched it! If you are looking for something that will be an heirloom for your child through their life...this is it. What's really neat...is there's personalization for the parent's initials, and grandparents. Just beautiful. Also, as it is only stitched in 1 color, you can choose fabric & floss to make it more personalized.
Price: $14.00
Add Fabric: 32ct Marble linen for $19.00
Add Fibers: 6 DMC for $3.12

Bundle of Joy

Price: $7.00

Hearts Blossomed

Price: $8.00
Add Fabric: 32PP Truffle for $13.25
Add Fibers: 8 overdyed for $18.40
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 32PP Truffle for $9.50
Add Victorian bellpull for $10.50

Infant of Joy
A wonderful birth sampler that will be a treasure forever.
Price: $17.75
Add Fabric: 32ct Platinum for $19.00
Add Fibers: 14 DMC for $6.86

Ivy's Sampler ~ LEL

Price: $10.00
Add Fabric: 32LL Cedar Plank for $15.00
Add Fibers: overdyed cottons to be annc for $12.69
Add Alt fabric 16ct aida for $6.50
Add Prince Crown box timber(not elig for discount) for $160.00

Jungle Baby
Jungle babies for your baby! We're excited as we've had several folks lately who are decorating their nurseries with jungle or zoo animals! This is just right!
Price: $6.00
Add Fabric: 14 Lambswool for $6.25
Add Fibers: 14 DMC for $6.86

Moon Sampler
What a wonderful birth announcement! I never knew the end of this verse until we got this chart. It's almost as sweet as Aurelio!
Price: $15.30
Add Fabric: 32ct Lt Mocha for $9.50
Add Fibers: 17 DMC for $8.33

Oh Baby ~ AB

Price: $8.00
Add TSS suggests 32Ll Mt Baker Blue for $13.50
Add ALt fabric 16ct Summer Sky for $8.00
Add DMC for $7.35

Peapod Baby Sampler

Price: $10.00

Sail Away Baby Sampler

Price: $20.00

Snapshot ~ March

Price: $9.00
Add Fabric: 16ct Lambswool for $5.75
Add Fibers: 6 DMC for $2.94
Add Additional fibers: 8 overdyed for $19.40

Wonderful Life HIH
Buttons included with design. A great birth sampler!
Price: $16.00
Add 28C Unbleached bellpull cut for $19.50
Add Alt fabric 14ct bellpull cut for $15.00
Add OD fibers for $41.60
Add Alt fibers DMC for $8.84

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