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Curious Owl

Price: $17.30
Add 30WDW Lilac for $12.00
Add Alt fabric 16ct aida for $6.00
Add WDW fibers for $46.20
Add Alt fibers DMC for $8.19

Dream Direction

Price: $6.00

Few Hoots

Price: $6.00

French Country Owl
This guy is so wise & gentle looking!
Price: $5.00
Add Fabric: 32ct lambswool for $9.75
Add Fibers: 4 overdyed for $10.00

Good Night Sleep Tight ~ FW

Price: $11.00
Add 32B Vint Country Mocha for $11.50
Add Alt fabric 16PP Wren for $9.50
Add DMC for $5.04

Hanging Around

Price: $18.00

Happy Owl

Price: $17.20
Add Fabric: 32ct Black for $42.00
Add Fibers: 20 DMC for $9.00
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16ct Black for $30.90

Happy Whoo Whoo Day

Price: $8.50

Let's Give a Hoot

Price: $6.00

Night Owl ~ ED
chartpak includes charm & overdyed fibers
Price: $14.00
Add TSS Fabric: 30ct Antique Lambswool for $11.25

Outrageous Owls

Price: $12.00

Owl at Rest

Price: $12.00

Owl Family Tree

Price: $19.80

Owl Humbug
chartpak includes silver owl charm.
Price: $14.00
Add Fabric: 36ct White for $9.00
Add Fibers: 6 DMC for $2.94
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 18ct White for $5.50

Owl Trio
kit includes 14ct aida & fibers
Price: $9.99

Owl Welcome

Price: $6.00

Paisley Owl

Price: $10.00

Quaker Moon

Price: $11.00

Snowy Owl

Price: $16.00

Spring Owls

Price: $12.75

Who Gives a Hoot
Chart includes accessories
Price: $15.00

Winter Snow Owl ~ BBL

Price: $12.00

Wise Wisdom

Price: $5.95

WordPlay ~ Whoo's Whoo

Price: $8.00

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