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Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler

Price: $18.00
Add Fabric: 30RR Vintage Grey for $13.50
Add Fibers: 10 overdyed for $21.00

Bucklebury Sampler

Price: $17.00

Double Dutch
I loved stitching this! I stitched it in the silks - good I finished it before winter rolled around & my hands got too dry for working with silk! It only calls for 3 colors, so you could easily change it to suit your taste!
Price: $17.00
Add Fabric: 36ct cream for $16.50
Add Fibers: 6 overdyed silks for $43.80
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 12 overdyed cottons for $24.00

Life on Sampler Hill

Price: $12.00
Add TSS Fabric: 36LL Examplar for $13.00
Add Fibers: 13 overdyed for $28.60
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16ct Lambswool for $5.75
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 13 DMC for $5.85

Never Let You Go HSS
Our new favorite! " I wish I were a little seed, I'd grow & grow & grow,I'd twine myself around your heart and never let you go." Verse, name and date over one.
Price: $12.00
Add 36PP Legacy for $26.50
Add OD cottons for $25.50

Samplers aux Bouquets
This wonderful sampler can be stitched as 1 large piece or you can stitch 1, 2 or 3 individual samplers - each one looks lovely on its own. The original large piece was stitched on 40ct cream linen using 1 strand of floss. You can stitch them on any fabric you like, however. The chart will tell you how many skeins of floss you'll need for different sizes - how nice is that??
Price: $0.00
Add Sampler au Bouquet I for $10.25
Add Samplers aux Bouquets II for $12.00
Add Samplers aux Bouquets III for $12.00
Add Fabric for complete piece: 40ct cream for $20.00
Add FIbers for complete piece on 40ct for $4.68

Snooty Parrots Sampler
verse stitched over 1 thread, all else over 2
Price: $18.00
Add Fabric: 40LL for $30.00
Add Fibers: 11 overdyed for $23.10
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 32LL for $54.00

Snooty Parrots Sampler

Price: $18.00
Add Fabric: 36LL Examplar for $30.00
Add Fibers: 14 overdyed for $33.60
Add Additional fiber: 1 DMC for $0.49

Stitcher's Resolution

Price: $10.00

Stone House on the Brandywine Sampler
"Oh, what stories it could tell, this old house of mine a long standing sentinel on the Brandywine Built strong of granite and of wood, on verdant acres my stone house stood with window sills so deep and wide and walls made thick on every side While o'er the hill, not far away, the Brandywine River did flow and play Afar to behold the strength of the two, the house and the river and the stories they knew."
Price: $35.00
Add Fabric: 40LL Maple Sugar for $60.00
Add Fibers: 24 Belle Soie overdyed silk for $180.00
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 36LL Maple Sugar for $54.00
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 24 Needlepoint Silks for $90.00
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 24 DMC for $9.36

Summer Garden ~ SNF

Price: $15.00
Add Fabric: 36PP Veldt for $13.25
Add Fibers: 10 overdyed for $24.00
Add ATLERNATE FIBERS: 10 DMC for $4.90

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