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10 x Christmas Trees

Price: $8.00

10 X Happy Hearts

Price: $8.00

10 X the Fun: Happy (Cupcakes)

Price: $8.00

10X Fun: Carrots

Price: $8.00

10X Fun: Carrots

Price: $8.00

Grow (Up)

Price: $8.00
Add 30WDW Purple Rain for $12.00
Add OD fibers for $22.00
Add Emb pak for $5.60
Add Victorian stand for $29.10
Add Alt fabric 14PP Flapper for $9.50

Happy Dance kit

Price: $24.00

Happy Life: Part 1
3 part series ~ verse reads "On the off chance you won't live forever, you may as well be happy now".
Price: $15.10
Add Happy Life: Part 2 (May 1) for $15.10
Add Happy Life: Part 3 (June 1) for $15.10
Add TSS Fabric: 32PP Sorbet for $26.50
Add Fibers: 21 overdyed for $52.50

Life is a Garden

Price: $11.70
Add TSS Fabric: 32ct Stormy Night for $12.50
Add Fibers: 7 overdyed for $17.50
Add Victorian Hanger for $11.40

Over the Hill ~ Find Peace

Price: $12.40

Over the Hill ~ Grow Love

Price: $13.00

Perpetual Calendar #6

Price: $8.00

Perpetual Calendar ~ August

Price: $8.00

Perpetual Calendar ~ July

Price: $8.00

Perpetual Calendar, October

Price: $8.00

Perpetual Calendar, September

Price: $8.00

Perpetual Calendar: December

Price: $8.00

Steampunk SeaSerpent
snippet on far left!
Price: $9.00
Add Fabric: 32WDW Parchment for $13.50
Add Fibers: WDW for $27.60
Add Embellishment Pak for $3.40
Add Gear Hanger bellpull for $10.10
Add TSS FABRIC: 32ct Antique Ivory for $9.50
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16CT Lambswool for $5.75

SteamPunk Sparrow
buttons are included
Price: $13.00
Add TSS Fabric: 32PP Heritage for $13.25
Add Fibers: 10 overdyed for $25.00
Add Gear bellpull for $10.10

Ten X ~ Free Range Roosters

Price: $8.00

When Pigs Fly

Price: $8.00

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