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3 inch Ring

Price: $0.90

Assorted Stitcher's Lotion
These are fantastic lotions..made just for a "stitcher's" hands. PLEASE specify your scent for each size (2oz or 4oz) - Unscented, Cinnamon, Apricot & Honey, Blackberry & Vanilla, Peach. Perfect for a stitcher's dry, winter hands.
Price: $0.00
Add 4oz-SPECIFY SCENT for $8.00
Add 2 oz-SPECIFY SCENT for $6.00

Clover Threader

Price: $11.00

Color Needle Threader (pack of 2)

Price: $1.50

Cording Drill

Price: $18.00

Corner Square Coffee and Stitching

Price: $11.00

Corner Square Life's a Stitch

Price: $11.00

Crushed Walnut Shells

Price: $2.50

Floss Bobbins-Plastic pack of 25
Keep that floss neat and organized!
Price: $2.50

Floss Pak 100 pak

Price: $9.00

Floss Pak 30pak

Price: $3.30

Folding Stand

Price: $9.90

Fray Stop

Price: $3.50

Jiffy Needle Threader (pack of 2)

Price: $3.30

Joy of Counting and Stitching

Price: $5.95

Line Magnifier

Price: $9.10

Loran Needle Threader

Price: $2.30

Magnetic Boards
These are so handy for keeping your graph from flopping over. A Must Have!
Price: $0.00
Add 6 x 10 Board for $6.50
Add 8 x 10 Board with Magnetic Ruler for $7.00

Magnetic Pick Up Wand

Price: $5.50

Magnetic Strips

Price: $2.00

Always a GREAT gift idea...for that extra bit of eyesight that you might need.
Price: $11.00

Mesh Bag 4.7x6.3

Price: $3.50

Needle Tube

Price: $0.50

Procrosstinate Mug

Price: $12.00

Thread Magic Thread Conditioner

Price: $9.50

Thread Snips
random colors!
Price: $4.00

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