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And the Earth Sang

Price: $11.00
Add TSS Fabric: 32LL Navy Bean for $15.00
Add Fibers: 11 overdyed for $27.00
Add Additional fibers: 4 DMC for $1.96
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16ct Lambswool for $5.75
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 15 DMC for $7.35

Believe in the Ears ~ CSW

Price: $4.50

Brown Bunny Run
This chart includes two different graphs--the ABCD Easter design is shown both on silk gauze as well on linen over two. Can be stitched on aida as well.
Price: $15.00
Add Silk Gauze for $10.00
Add Alt fabric 16ct aida for $6.15
Add 36PP Aerial linen for $13.25
Add Alt fabric 18PP Aerial aida for $9.50
Add WDW fibers for small ABCD for $20.70
Add GAST fibers for larger ABCD for $8.40
Add OD cottons for Hippity Hoppity for $8.80

Chasse a l'Oeuf (Egg Hunt)

Price: $15.00
Add Fabric: 32ct Antique White for $9.00
Add Fibers: 3 DMC for $1.17
Add Fibers:8 overdyed for $17.00

Chocolate Bunnies

Price: $8.00

Easter Basket Bunny ~ KM

Price: $6.80

Easter Chalkboard Greetings

Price: $12.00

Easter Cuties ~ TM

Price: $12.00

Easter Egg Time ~ calico

Price: $9.00

Easter in Quilt

Price: $13.80

Easter Notes ~ SB

Price: $8.00

Easter Parade REPRINT ~ BBD

Price: $9.00

Easter Peeps Parade ~ CTS

Price: $12.00
Add TSS Fabric: 36PP Lupin for $13.25
Add Fibers: 11 overdyed for $27.00

Easter Tree ~ RP

Price: $23.00
Add Fabric: 36PP Highland for $26.50
Add Fibers: 22 DMC for $8.58

Easter Trifles ~ SB

Price: $8.00
Add 32ct Ant Green od for Easter Parade for $11.50
Add 32ct Opalescent for Easter Basket for $11.00
Add 32ct Violet Mist for Egg Hunt for $10.25
Add Od fibers for $32.10
Add Button pack for $9.60

Easter Wreath ~ TM

Price: $6.00


Price: $7.00

Happy Easter

Price: $8.00

Happy Easter ~ StCr

Price: $8.95

Hares' Hunt ~ PSS

Price: $12.00
Add Fabric: 36LL Lentil for $15.00
Add Fibers: 9 overdyed for $22.50

He is Risen ~ LHN

Price: $8.50
Add Fabric: 32ct Lambswool for $9.75
Add Fibers: 14 DMC for $6.86
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16ct Lambswool for $5.75

Hip Hop

Price: $4.00

Joyful Easter

Price: $15.00
Add Fabric: 36PP Regency for $13.25
Add Fibers: 14 overdyed silks for $105.60
Add ALTERNATE FIBERS: 14 overdyed cottons for $35.00

Let's Go on an Egg Hunt

Price: $12.00

Non e Pasqua Senza Uova (It's not Easter without Eggs) ~ CEB

Price: $13.00

Oh My John ~ Easter - TPP

Price: $13.00

Quaker Egg ~ SH

Price: $5.00

Sei Personaggi in Cerca de Pasqua (Six Characters in search of Easter)

Price: $12.75
Add Fabric:36ct Lt Mocha (enough for 2) for $9.50
Add 36t Lt Mocha (enough for all 6 for $19.00
Add Fibers: 14 DMC for $6.86
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 18ct Dirty (enough for 2) for $5.75
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 18ct Dirty (enough for 4) for $11.50

Sheep Peddler: Let the Hunt Begin ~ NB

Price: $8.00
Add TSS Fabric: 30ct Lambswool for $10.00
Add Fibers: overdyed for $29.10
Add Alt fibers DMC for $5.88

Vivement Paques

Price: $12.00
Add Fabric: 32ct Unbleached for $9.25
Add Fibers: 16 DMC for $7.20
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 16ct Dirty bellpull cut for $5.15

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