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Always Welcome
Always welcome at this pretty house!
Price: $9.50

Cottage Welcome
Perfect for your cottage, be it large or small!
Price: $8.00

Dogs Welcome

Price: $6.00

Every Bird Welcome
Welcome the birds always!
Price: $6.00
Add Fabric: 14ct ivory for $5.25
Add Fibers: 14 DMC for $5.46

Hummingbird Welcome

Price: $6.00

Loon Family Welcome

Price: $6.00

Love Is The Only Thing That Matters ~ MarNic Designs

Price: $10.00

Ornament II Welcome ~ Bronze Brilliance

Price: $6.00

Peacock Welcome

Price: $8.50
Add Fabric: 28ct Antique White for $9.00
Add Fibers: 20 DMC for $9.80

Porch Welcome

Price: $7.00

Sign of Welcome w/ silk gauze
chartpak includes silk gauze, but you can stitch this design on any fabric you like!
Price: $15.00
Add Fibers: 5 overdyed for $11.00

Wee Welcomes: August Sunflower

Price: $6.00

Wee Welcomes: July Flip Flops

Price: $6.00

Wee Welcomes: September Heart in Hand

Price: $6.00

Welcome Around the World

Price: $7.50

Welcome Home ~ CCN

Price: $6.50
Add Fabric: 32ct Star Sapphire for $9.75
Add Fibers: 3 overdyed for $6.60
Add Fibers: DMC qty to be announced for $0.01

Wilkum (PA Dutch Welcome)

Price: $8.00
Add Fabric: 32B Antq. White for $0.00
Add Fibers: 10 DMC for $4.90
Add ADDITIONAL Fibers: 1 GA for $2.40

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