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Item Name: Namarie Tapestry (JRR Tolkein) ~ mfe
Category: 2023 Stitching
Sub-Category: 05/05/23
Price: $17.00
Size: 195 x 309
"I’ve always been fascinated by the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created when he set out to explore Middle Earth in his Lord of the Rings series. Someone who was deeply knowledgeable of our own ancient world, he developed multiple languages, scripts, nations and histories in which he set his fantastic mythologies. When you read his work, you cannot but be in awe at its realism and the labour that went into creating the depth of the universe he created. With this design, I wanted to make a pattern that felt it belonged in this ancient world – a world in which the art of the elves had an influence on the designs of men. I used the first lines from Tolkien’s poem Namárië (Galadriel’s lament in Lo´rien)."

Base Price: $17.00

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