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Item Name: Letters from Mom (or Auntie or Sis or...) JD
Category: DESIGNERS (popular & frequently searched for!)
Sub-Category: Jeannette Douglas
Price: $13.00
Size: as one 303 x 307
This is a multi chart design--all can be stitched as one or can be stitched as a letter bag with the first or center design being on the back of the bag--it will have all of the info on stitching the series--these are notes/reminders of being mindful and grateful. Stitch now, open later, treasure forever. The first chart is just the center--the future charts come with some of the threads and are not discounted as it is a stitcher's dozen.

Base Price: $13.00
Add 36ct Platinum 36x27 stitched as one for $36.00
Add Alt fabric 36PP Legacy 36x27stitched as one for $53.00
Add 32B Platinum for center only for $9.50
Add Additional Threads for 12 months and center for $178.64
Add 12 additional charts w cottage threads-no disc for $150.00

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