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It's that time of year.  Wintertime, that is.  And yes, I find 'Winter Fun' to be an oxymoron, but that's just me.  It's finally getting continually cold around here & we're supposed to have white stuff fall from the sky on Sunday, but as I said to someone the other day, my heat works & the ground is frozen (therefore, no muddy paws/dogs to clean).  Trying to stay positive (today).

This week, we are finally getting our heads back above the waves!  After 2 weeks of 3-day weeks, thanks to the holidays, we've managed to get in 5 full days of fun, joy & excitement (& work).  So we are cautiously optimistic that we are back in control of the shop (as opposed to the other way around).


Now, if you wanna know about REAL winter fun, you can do what I'm gonna do on Sunday (when the flakes fly): turn on the Eagles game & stitch!  This week I FINALLY got back to my stitching and I'm looking forward to getting more done this weekend.  Which is good, because I've already found "coming attractions" that I am itching for.  So here's what's on the way & a few models we just finished too.



Shabby Calendar Winter - from Cuore e Batticuore.  I LOVE this pattern!  I know, it's hard to reconcile my love of winter designs with my ... not love... of the actual season, but there it is.  Not only is the whole design adorable, but I like each of the little motifs.  Each one would make a darling ornament (or scissor fob, or pinpillow), or do a row of 3 or 4 or 5.  She has designed this as a December countdown to the official start of winter (which, for me would be like counting down your last days of freedom!), but I can see this stitched without the numbers & the bottom part changed to just say Happy Winter.  So many ideas ~ I want to get my hands on this chart!



Jack Frost's Tree Farm - from Little House.  We are so excited about this new series.  What a fun place to visit ~ pick your favorite evergreen, and while you're here, grab some cookies & hot cocoa!  Now your only decision is whether you wanna stitch it as one whole piece, as seen below, or in individual ornaments, as shown above.

Molly is thinkin' about doing a "village" using a few designs from this series, some from Glitter Village, some from "Home Town Holiday" & some from a few of the other Little House & Country Cottage series.  I'll be sure to start showing pictures when she gets it underway.



Animal Cracker: Primrose - from Stacy Nash.  Ohmygoodness!!  Is she not just adorable?  I love her polka dots.



No Matter How Hard the Winter - from Abby Rose.  A lovely sampler & a beautiful pindrum.  I love the colors in these pieces.

Gathering the Greens Samplers - from Stacy Nash.  Gorgeous new sampler!  Molly is excited about this one.  I love the border & the house is sweet.


Wool Ewe Be My Valentine - from Thistles.  What a sweetie ~ love the cart full of flowers!

Ailurophile - from Stitcherhood.  Hmmm, I think I know 1 or 2 people to whom this applies!  Of course, I am not really sure how to say this.



Jenny Bean Parlor Sampler #5 - from Shakespeare's Peddler.  Lisa!  The day after you were here, it appears!  A wonderful verse to go along with this continuing sampler.


Fragments in Time 2019 ~ This is the newest grouping of Fragments from Beth.  This year she was inspired by Shaker maps & gift drawings.  Their values are woven into the daily life of their community, from their building to their furniture.  This series of 8 designs can be stitched individually, or you can do them all on 1 piece & Beth has provided a free chart for laying them out.


Fragments in Time 2019 #1: Orchard - from Summer House Stitche Workes. The first stop on your stroll thru the Shaker village is the orchard.

Fragments in Time 2019 #2: Workshop - from Summer House Stitche Workes.  The next stop is the workshop ~ and oh, how I would love to see this. 



Granny is No Square #2 from Carolyn Manning, is now available in any of 4 different colorways (& maybe more to come!).  Based on crocheted granny square afghans, these beauties also resemble quilts.  So choose your look!


Granny is No Square #2: Daybreak - Love the bright colors of dawn.

Granny is No Square #2: Neutral - I love this one!  Neutral shades of whites, greys & blues are peaceful.



Granny is No Square #2: Gemstone - Luscious amythest, emerald & aquamarine shades fill this beauty.

Granny is No Square #2: Mardi Gras - Look at the difference in this colorway!  If you had to pick the one that was named "Mardi Gras", you would have no trouble picking this one out!  It's just bright & loud & celebratory & joyous! 

New Models ~ just finished & hanging in the new section.


Christmas Wishes - from Little Dove Designs.  We are enchanted by this darling Christmas banner!  In the line of the old Lizzie Kate designs, this whimsical design is just fun!

Home for Christmas - from Little Dove Designs.    What a sweet sampler!  Filled with lots of Chrsitmas memories, it will make you smile all thru the season.



Paradise Found - from Riverdrift House.  We love this sampler with its eyecatching English flair.



Cookie's House - from Thistles.  Tracy stitched this up before Christmas & finished it on this cute little candleboard!  I love that fabulous round border ~ and you know I love a house named COOKIE.

Hopes & Dreams - from Lone Elm Lane.  This beautiful little design is a stunning little gem of a sampler.  The colors work so well together, the house is lovely and the verse is a treasure. 


Painted Threads Sampler - from Threadwork Primitives.  Another lovely sampler ~ the depth of the colors is so pleasing to the eye & the symmetry also makes me happy.



Four Seasons - from Renato Parolin.  I loved stitching this piece.  It has such a Danish feel to it & it was actually relatively quick to stitch ~ probably because it's broken into separate little blocks.  Therese finished it into a beautiful bellpull & made it look all the more elegant!  Below are some close-up shots.  Again, you could easily stitch a small block as an ornament or even just a little floral picture.




Our weather forecasters are telling us that we are due to get (depending on which station you are listening to) a dusting to 3 or 4 inches, Saturday night into Sunday morning.  I myself am now only listening to the "dusting" channel.  We're happy that it's not coming until Saturday night, so all y'all who are headed in on Saturday for the JANUARY FRAMING SALE won't have to worry about the roads.  And we are ALREADY looking towards Super Bowl Sunday, which will take place on Sunday February 3rd.  As a fan of my local team, I don't want to look past this weekend's games ~ bad luck!  But good teams (OURS!) or bad (you know who you are...Marjie), the Super Bowl Sale will take place.

Wherever you are, across the country or around the world, I hope you are safe & warm this weekend ~ it certainly appears to be the first bitterly cold one.  I am ever so grateful that I have a roof over my head, heat for my house & warm clothes.  There are far too many people without those certainties, and additionally people who have now passed their first payday without a paycheck ~ those people are wondering if their heat will stay on, if they will be able to stay in their homes & will they be able to buy food for their families ~ thru no fault of their own.  If you are in an area where there are clusters of those affected, you could reach out to your electric or gas companies to see if you could donate to a fund to keep their heat on.  And spare a thought & a prayer for those folks.


Fly Eagles Fly!


Hugs & Stitches ~

Beth & all the footwarmers at TSS