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Well, here we are, between the Labor Day end of summer & the Autumnal equinox.  So far, we've had 2 rounds of hurricane remnants that have brought major flooding & tornadoes.  We've had gorgeous days with highs in the 70's...and brutal days with highs in the upper 90's (which would be FINE if it wasn't for the horrible humidity!!).  This coming week we'll be back in the 90's.  This past weekend, I spent getting the flower beds cleaned out.  I had several "helpers" ~ the 4-legged kind ~ who are fantastic supervisors, but lousy at weeding.  Fortunately, they're cute.  Last weekend we were LAZY!  This weekend, we made up for it.  Jimmy brought their pups over & then got us takeout from Meghan's (YAY!).  Then he left us...for a cornhole tournament!!  Who knew? 


We have been busy at the shop, finishing up placing Expo orders & eagerly receiving them....and then reordering!!!!  And there's so much more than just the Expo goodies!  So buckle up & check out the next group of awesome new stuff on the horizon.



Time for All Seasons #8: Summer at the Shore - from Cottage Garden.  I have to say, this is my favorite!!! 

Time for All Seasons #9: Gathering Acorns - from Cottage Garden.  This squirrel is darling!!  I love the pattern in the squirrel's fur!



Welcome Autumn - fro Primrose Cottage.  What a cute little design for an autumn bowl filler.

Meet My at the Pumpkin Patch - from Imaginating.  This is darling!  And it's the perfect time of year ~ so many folks are sharing pictures from going apple picking & pumpkins will be next!



Funny Autumn - from Madame Chantilly.  What a cute design!  I love the hedgehog enjoying the apple!

Sampler of the Month: October - from Country Cottage.  Whole bunch of kitties in the pumpkin patch!   



Gather Ye Pumpkins - from Little House.  What a lovely design for Autumn!

Autumn at Bunny Hill Manor - from Artful Offerings.  Not the best picture ~ I've seen a better one in a magazine & the colors are wonderful!



Cinnamon Pumpkins - from Happiness is HeartMade.  I love this cool design!

Wicked Cute Cat - from Homespun Elegance.  What a cutie!



It's Fall Y'all Plant Poke - from Val's Stuff.  This is DARLING!!  I love the smile on the pumpkin's face!

Halloween Pals - from Shannon Christine.  These 2 are ready for a fun night.



Halloween Alphabet ~ C&D - from Romy's Creations.  This is a fun, fun series!

Halloween Cinderella - from Madame Chantilly.  Well, that certainly puts a new spin on the pumpkin/coach thing!


Pocket for Potions - from La D Da. cool is this for Halloween??



We Love Halloween - from Kay's Frames.  This is a fun little design!

Pumpkin Carver - from Madame Chantilly.  I love this!  Poor pumpkin ~ that mousie should have left his eyes for he has to watch while his top knot gets removed!



Busy Bee - from Hinzeit.  A cute little bee design.

Love Bees - from Hinzeit.  I wish this had been out when my grandparents were raising bees!

Honey Hive - from Hinzeit.  That's a great border!!



Au Fil des Nichoirs (Over the Birdhouses) - from Jardin Prive.  This was originally a "stitchalong" but I'm so glad it was just released!  How fun is this DARLING design??  I love it!



Dilly Dahlia - from Ink Circles.  This is beautiful!  It goes directly into my stash. 
Spring Chicken - from Vintage Needlearts.  This chicken is adorable!!  Love all the freckles!



Composition Florale 2 - from Jardin Prive.  Another lovely little sampler ~ wait until you see part 3 (coming soon).  When all 3 parts are released, there will also be a layout for putting all 3 together for a larger sampler.

Birds & Blossoms - from Needle's Notion.  Too fun!!  Will you finish it as a little birdhouse or will you leave it flat & frame it??



Stormy Seas - from MarNic.  I love this!  I love watching the ocean in any sort of mood ~ but only from a safe distance.

Riding the Waves - from MarNic.  Another gorgeous ocean vignette!



Fragments in Time: Tales from the Sea #7: Lighthouse - from Summer House Stitche Workes.  This has been my favorite series of fragments ~ obviously being that it revolves around the sea. Lighthouses are beautiful!

Fragments in Time: Tales from the Sea #8: Anchor - from Summer House Stitche Workes. - Anchors!  My fave!  Perfect way to finish this off!



Simply Sayin': August - from Little Stitch Girl.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  "Summer is a state of mind" ~ so true.

Hurry Up & Relax, Mary Engelbreit - from Imaginating. ME!!!!  That is definitely my pasty pale skintone! 



Botanical Garden - from Mirabilia.  Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?



Rabbit Rabbit: July, August, September - from Ink Circles. 3 more cute Rabbit Rabbits for your new month!



Seasons - from Hinzeit.  I'm so glad she put all 4 in 1 chartpak!  And they're all cute cute cute!!

Elemental House Blessing - from Stitcherhood.  Very cool ~ this is a great design for your loved one who's dedicated to saving the environment. 



Sew Happy - from It's Sew Emma.  Love love love!  Love the colors ~ perfect for the seamstress you know.

Stitch - from Shepherd's Bush.  Now this is FUN! 



Seeds of Kindness - from Scattered Seeds.  A lovely primitive sampler.

Simply Sweet Sampler - from Vintage Needlearts. This sampler is a great learning sampler!  There are several different stitches in this & you can stitch it on linen or aida!  Try something new!   


Woman at the Pond Sampler - from Cross Stitch Antiques.  Love all the rows of alphabets!  And of course, at the bottom is the woman at the pond.



Ann Webb 1829 Sampler - from Hands Across the Sea.  This is a gorgeous sampler ~ I love that the border corners don't perfectly match.  It's such a lovely & detailed design that we sometimes forget that these girls were 9!!

Mary Ann Ragg Sampler - from Hands Across the Sea.  Love the house in this one!  And the bright colors show that the reproduction was designed using the original colors found on the back of the sampler (the fronts are usually quite faded, thus the muted colors we often see in these samplers).



Caroline Page - from Hands Across the Sea.  This is a wonderful treasure.  This girl most likely grew up in Norfolk (in England, not Virginia).  She married, was widowed, lived with her sister & brother-in-law, died at 61 & left a substantial estate which included her needlework! 

When the Stars Reply - from Long Dog Samplers.  What a fantastic piece!!  Stitch the whole thing, or stitch individual sections. 


Either You Like Cats... - from Cross Stitch Wonders.  I love this design!  Cat lovers are totally on board with this philosophy!

Either You Like Dogs... - from Cross Stitch Wonders.  I totally agree with this!  An old boyfriend in Charlotte never could remember that my dogs were female...much less their names.  After 4 years.  So wrong. 


Tea Time - from Ink Circles.  How cool is this?  Perfect for the tea lover you know!



I Just Want to....  ~ This is a fun design & you can pick what you wanna do!  And once you decide on that, you can decide what you wanna drink!! 


Cross Stitch  ~  Read Books


Save Animals



Go Camping  ~  Go Fishing



Tentmaker Smalls: Unicorn - from CM Designs.  I love these "smalls" designs ~ you can stitch the large design, or stitch 1 or 2 of the smaller ones.

Tentmaker Smalls: The Pumpkin Patch - from CM Designs.  This definitely feels like a pumpkin patch.


Ribbon Wrapped Stars - from CM Designs.  This is what I love about quilt patterns ~ you can see the ribbons & the stars...and it's all because of color placement.



Shooting Star Collection: Farmer's Market - from CM Designs.  LOVE this!  I love the fact that the name of this design is totally supported by the color choice used.

Starstruck - from CM Designs.  Definitely shining star colors.



American Harmony No. 3 - from Summer House Stitche Workes.  Love this cube pincushion that finishes this series.  See parts 1 & 2 below.





Holiday Beach Signs - from Imaginating.  This is exactly what I wanna have for Christmas!!!!



Tiny Mittens Ornaments. This series is amazing!!!  What charming ornaments.  These are adorable.  I particularly like that there's a "Baby" ornament ~ so many folks are looking for Baby's First Christmas ornaments & these would be great.





Crazy Holly Leaves Ornaments - from Kitty & Me.  These ornaments are fantastic!  Love these holly leaves.

Crazy Christmas Stars Ornaments - from Kitty & Me.  More fun ornaments ~ stitch them on perforated paper & finish them up quickly!



Santa's Toyland Express - from Kay's Frames.  This is a darling Christmas design for the trainlover you know.

Merry Christmas to All - from Kay's Frames.  Love this charming primitive design.



Christmas Street - from Waxing Moon.  Ooohhh...who lives on Christmas Street??

OCD Christmas - from Artists Alley.  I know QUITE A FEW OF YOU who suffer from this....



Santa Revisited VIII (1997, 1998, 2013) - from Prairie Schooler.  These 3 santas were out of print individually & we're glad they've put them into the latest Revisited chartpak.

Two Traditions - from Kay's Frames.  I love this! 



Jolliest Santa - from Little Stitch Girl.  So cute!!!

Merry - from Little Stitch Girl.  I adore all the plaid here.



Book Lovers Santa: Bright - from Frony Ritter.  How do I get on this Santa's "Nice List"??

Book Lovers Santa: Rustic - from Frony Ritter. I love the alphabet along the bottom of his coat.



Happy Christmas - from Calico Confectionery.  I love the old fashioned feel of this.

Jingle - from Calico Confectionery.  Looks like this kitty has Chrismas all wrapped up! 



2021 Sampler Ornament: Believe - from Homespun Elegance.  The ornaments you've been waiting for!  I love the house in this one!

2021 Snowman Ornament: Snow Merry - from Homespun Elegance.  Looks like they're getting ready to deck the halls!


2021 Santa Ornament: Patriotic Santa - from Homespun Elegance.  Because Santa has a side hustle in Williamsburg after Christmas!!


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Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how quickly summer is rolling along. I am so not excited about the beginning of cold weather.  But, in an attempt to look at the bright side, there are things I like about autumn!  It is PUMPKIN SPICE season!!  Yes, I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE.  However, while I love pumpkin spice ~ muffins, scones, cereal, cookies, yogurt, granola, even chapstick ~ it needs to wait until AUTUMN!  It's not time yet!!  But, knowing that retailers only feature pumpkin spice for a limited time, I have to take my joys when I can get 'em!  Also, all the new shows start soon (as well as the new seasons of the old favorites).  So, yay!  And in a good year, we have baseball post-season!  Not real sure about this year...  Another positive: we can cut off the A/C & don't need heat yet ~ lower power bills!  See?  I can say nice things about the end of summer!!  Okay, but I've wrung as much out as I can, so I gotta stop now. 

What do you enjoy about Autumn?


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the season changers at TSS