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It's here!  Small Business Saturday!  Hopefully those of y'all who love doing the whole Black Friday thing found all the things you needed at Target & Best Buy & the malls.  And now, you can spend Saturday stopping by our shop & picking up some treats for yourself! 


Everything in the shop will be 20% off on Saturday only. 


This will also extend to online orders.  I know last year we did it differently, but this year...thanks to December sneaking up on us so quickly...our Countdown will start on Sunday!  WHAT??  Yep, crazy, I know.

So we'd love for you to stop in & visit with us on Saturday ~ whether it's in person or online.

Our Christmas freebie kit will be available with each purchase & you can get the finishing kit (which includes a decorated tin) as well. Hopefully you saw the email last night about this year's gift, but if not, just click here & read all about it.  And you can see the real thing down below here.



No matter where you are, be sure to go out & support your local small businesses!  We depend on you!  So join us to celebrate small businesses everywhere!


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the independents at TSS