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Coming this Fall, once everyone's summer vacations are in the rearview mirror, we'll get back in the groove!

We'll update as soon as we have dates!



DATES: Friday, 5-7 at the shop. 

This is OPTIONAL & nothing special ~ just a chance for anyone who needs to pick up supplies for the weekend.  If you can't or don't want to come by Friday night, you WON'T be missing out on anything!


Saturday, 9-5 at the Chadds Ford Barn

Sunday, 9-12ish at the Barn (we are hoping to be allowed to stay a bit later).



AGENDA: NOTHING!!  We're just gonna hang out & stitch.  Last time, we had more fun just checkin' out what everyone else was stitching (okay, except for that 55ct sampler....still a little bitter about that).  Actually SOME people did LOTS of stitching (not me).  There will be lots of laughing, that I can guarantee!


DRESS:  There will be a "best-dressed" competition....NOT!!  Comfort is the only requirement!  I will once again be sporting my LOVELY sweatpants & whichever sweatshirt happens to be clean.  As long as you're dressed, we don't care!


COST: $40.00 (this covers the cost of the space we use)



It's all in the details...


This is a LAID-BACK, PRESSURE-FREE weekend!  Stitch on whatever you like ~ if you have a friend who knits or crochets or needlepoints or....anything, they're welcome too ~ as long as they like to laugh!

On Saturday, we'll be stitching at the Chadds Ford Barn.  This is located on Rt 100 (Creek Rd), just about .2 miles north of Rt 1.  The street address is 1736 Creek Rd, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 (for all you who want to plug it into your GPS).

We'll be there from 9AM to 5PM.  We'll probably have some sort of coffee cake, muffin type thingie, but not anything formal.  If you LOVE breakfast (like me!), Hank's Place is on the corner of Rt 1 & Creek Road & is a local landmark!!  If you're planning on having breakfast there, you'll want to arrive early as they fill up FAST! 

One of the great things about stitching at the Barn, aside from the wonderful space, is that we have access to a kitchen with a fridge & a microwave we can use, so feel free to bring whatever you like to drink & anything else you'd like. Everyone is on their own for lunch.  Lots of choices: you can bring something with you, you can grab something at WaWa, or you can hit any of the many places nearby!  We'll have a list of places to eat that we'll give you on Saturday. 

We'll break up & head out around 5.  Again, lots of places to have a great dinner!

Sunday, we'll get back together at the Barn for a little more stitching time.  Obviously you'll be able to go to the shop any time on Saturday (we're just a little over 4 miles away) & also on Sunday we'll have time for you to stop in the shop if you'd like.



 I'm hoping that Carolynn brings MORE of that dip ~ there wasn't any left over last time (very sad....) Yum!  If you have any treats you love & you'd like to share, feel free (& be prepared to share the recipe!).




What we need from you:

You need to email or call us or stop in the shop to sign up.  You will need to pay when you sign up.  BE SURE to give us your email address if you call ~ we will send out any additional info via email.

Come prepared with any questions about stitching you might have ~ there will be a bunch of stitchers there, not just us, who will probably be able to answer your questions! 

Wear whatever you are comfortable stitching in ~ as long as you are wearing clothes!!  Sweatpants, or something equally unattractive, will be on display (on me, anyway!). 

If you have a light you prefer stitching with, feel free to bring it with you ~ we have extension cords you can plug in to.  We will also have some lights with us as well.

The chairs are pretty comfy, but they are just stacking chairs.  If you have a cushion or a pillow you might like to make your chair cushy, feel free to bring it along.

If you have any other questions, let us know here & we'll be happy to answer!



Other than that, bring your fun stitching self!


So clear your calendar & come stitch away the weekend!


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the blossoms at TSS