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So.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know exactly what that image above is.  This COVID-19 virus has certainly taken over our daily lives.  Here in our area, it has manifested itself in the worst kind shopping overkill ~ people have literally been fighting over toilet paper.  But I have also seen small acts of kindness as well.  I was at the grocery store on Friday (just a regular run ~ and only for a few things).  And yes, Giant was completely out of toilet paper (however I didn't need that, so no worries!).  People were incredibly patient with each other ~ the exact opposite of what we had seen on TV.  The best I saw was a lady who was down on her knees getting something off the bottom shelf.  An older gentleman commented that he thought that's where whatever it was he needed was located, but he couldn't get down there.  So the lady plopped down on the floor & started pulling cans out until they found the one he wanted.  It was lovely.  People in line were patient & helpful.  As I was walking out to my car, a lady headed in asked me, "How bad is it?".  Just the fact that people were talking in the parking lot was odd!!  When did we get to be that way?  Anyway, I told her it was not bad at all, but there's no TP!

At the shop, we have been paying attention, particularly to the schools as that seems to be the harbinger of what's to come ~ wanna know how bad the storm's gonna be?  Check to see whether schools are closed.  Sure enough, we have had a cluster of outbreaks in the neighboring Montgomery County & Montco was placed on shutdown on Thursday.  By Friday, Delaware County (where we are located) had closed all schools for 2 weeks.  This was quickly followed by the direction for all "non-essential" retail businesses to follow suit.  Now, while WE all know, your FAVORITE STITCHING SHOP is definitely ESSENTIAL, we also know that everyone's health is actually more important! 


So this is what's gonna happen.  For the time being, the shop will be effectively closed.  HOWEVER.  Molly & I will be here working from home actively getting mail-orders out & getting our other work done.  And while we are encouraging everyone to follow the guidelines that the experts have set forward, if you need something from us, don't hesitate!  Here is what we ask of you. 



If you are a regular mail-order customer, this will only impact you as far as how long it takes for our suppliers to get our things to us. 

If you are a local & you are awaiting an order, you can email us & ask us to send it ~ we will be happy to do that for you.


If you need to contact us, please email us:

We are not at the shop, so please don't call thinking we can answer ~ we're not there!


Please take care of yourselves & your loved ones.  Cross stitch is not vital to life!  But then again, stitching is also something that can help get us thru this scary situation.  I know many of y'all will be facing weeks with kids at home ~ good luck.  I also know some of y'all are teachers who are facing "remote classrooms"!  Good luck to you ~ I'm sure your students will have no issues with all the technical aspects, but I can't even manage FaceTime on my phone (cue nephews' eyerolls), so forget Skype, Zoom, GoogleMeet & all the other virtual meeting things!  While no one wants to be FORCED to stay home & forego their regular joys & chores (okay, maybe those...), I've seen a couple posts about things that aren't cancelled: sitting outside, taking a walk, listening or playing music, reading, baking, STITCHING...all of these things are not closed down. 


So stay safe, be cautious, be helpful to people who need help, don't hog all the toilet paper!  And if you need anything from us, just let us know ~ we will make it happen!


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the hand-sanitizers at TSS


PS.  I know, I never do this, but I had to share.  One of the best ideas I've read for helping small businesses ~ these will be the hardest hit places & some won't survive ~ is one I want to share.  This was originally posted to help small restaurants & neighborhood pubs, but I would say it would apply to many small businesses.  The post suggested that you buy a gift card from your favorite spot ~ and buy it directly, not thru an intermediary.  Then, in a few months when things have settled down, go in & have a nice meal, or get a pair of earrings, or a new book...depending on where your card is from!  And spend a little more too.  Be a good neighbor!