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EDIT: I just added links to the YipYap pages for each floor (or, I will as I write them!).  They're at the bottom of this page.

I feel like I JUST wrote this...for last year's Market!  I will admit to snarfing a good bit of the language for ths from last year, as most everything remains the same.  I do want you to get this info FIRST, take the time to read it thru (PLEASE read this all the way thru!), and then have fun!

While this newlsetter is "all talk no action", the 'talk'' is VERY important ~ hopefully by reading thru this, lots of your "technical" questions will be answered.  I also know that many of y'all are new to our Nashville excitement, so this will give you the info you need.  Again, please read all the way thru!


There are quite a few things already posted on the website & I am working feverishly to add everything that has been unveiled (along with adding ingredients wherever possible).  You can go right ahead & start ordering anything that catches your eye!  I am also starting a series of "yipyap" newsletters to introduce you to all the amazing things, but you are always welcome to "work ahead".  In fact, as always, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to start your ordering as soon as you see something that catches your eye.  And don't worry that if you place your order today, you'll miss something tomorrow. Obviously we won't be getting your order out to you until after the Market.  So you can put in an order each day if you like.  You can put in several orders a day if you like!  Don't worry ~ we'll combine them together into 1 order at the end.  We will check for duplicates & ask you if, in fact, you really really want 3 of the same chart (hey ~ some folks like to order for friends...or with friends...we are a judgement-free zone!).  Your shipping will be based on your final combined purchase ~ NOT the multiple amounts the shopping cart indicates.

The earlier we hear from you, the better our orders will be ~ I hate it when we get 9 charts, only to arrive home & find we have 12 orders!  It's not that we can't get more, but we always like it better when we can make everyone happy sooner AND have enough to put in the shop!


If you would like ingredients for a design that we don't have listed with that design yet, you can do 1 of 3 things:


1 ~ you can go to our fabric section & add fabric to your cart from there (although I acknowledge that those lazy website fairies STILL don't have all our fabrics up online yet!).


2 ~ you can put a message in the comment section that you'd like fabric (&/or floss, embellishments, whatever!) for certain designs.  Please be as specific as possible ~ we don't want to send you 40ct linen when you prefer 16ct aida.


3 ~ you can shoot us an email in reference to your order & tell us what you'd like.


Corrollary to this item is, if we have a fabric (or fibers) listed but you don't like it (say, that 40ct linen!), again just let us know what you would like in the comment section. We will try to get fabric as close to what was originally used as possible. The same goes for fibers (silks vs cottons, overdyed vs DMC).

ONE MORE NOTE: This year we are going to begin processing & charging your orders as we receive them, so instead of 1 big charge, you will se several individual charges if you order several times.  There are a few different reasons for this, but the main one is that it cuts down on the time we spend invoicing you AFTER Market.  we have found that it can take DAYS just to invoice orders (forget about pulling all the goodies & ingredients, packing things & everything else!).

Having said that, again I say to you, don't be afraid to add to orders! If you order a sampler from Scarlett House & you find out later what fabric & fibers she used (& you decide you want them!), just shoot us another order, or send us an email. We can handle it.

So again, you will see charges on your card BEFORE the Market & BEFORE you anticipate getting your treats, but by this up front, we hop to cut down on the "paperwork" time on the back end.

Never fear, Nash Cash is here!  I know several of you have been asking!  I'll detail it all out for you here as you may have forgotten how it all works, or maybe you're new to us.

So here's the deal: for all purchases of Nashville goodies PLUS INGREDIENTS over $25.00, you will bank 20% of your purchase (excluding sales tax & shipping).  Now, you have a decision to make.


1)  You can STASH IT ~ and add an extra 5% (kinda like interest!).  You can then use this Nash Cash from April 1st thru June 30th.

2) You can CASH IT ~ and apply this Nash Cash directly to your Nashville order.


ONE NOTE about STASH: You can use this Nash Cash JUST LIKE cash.  But you CANNOT use it in conjunction with other promotions ~ ie, you can't use your Nash Cash to pay for framing during the framing Sale; you can't use your Nash Cash if you're redeeming Frequent Stitcher points (so save your points & use your Nash Cash ~ those points never expire).  Last "can't" ~ you can't use Nash Cash to buy gift certificates. That's it.

Now, let me give you table that some smart person did several years ago (& fortunately I was smart enough to keep).


Premise: You spend $100 on Nashville goodies.


Frequent Stitchers Points Earned

Nashville purchase price

(excluding tax, shipping fees)

Nash Cash you can spend April ~ June

So it's up to you!  You just need to tell us CASH IT or STASH IT.  And yes, for any of you who have already placed your orders, this will apply to those orders as well.  You can shoot us an email & let us know.  If we don't hear from you, we'll EMAIL you to find out.  Again, I know lots of folks are telling us they don't always check thier emails any more...I get that, I'm one of those people.  But for this you're gonna need to make an exception.


Now, some of you may be wondering, "What on earth are Frequent Stitcher's Points & why do I care?"  Fair questions, as we never know who's already heard this & who hasn't (or, who's like me & heard it but already forgot...).  when you make a non-discounted purchase, you accrue Stitcher's Points: 1 point for every dollar you spend.  These show up on the bottom of either your receipt (if you're in the shop) or your invoice if you do mail order.  When you reach 200 points, you can redeem them ANY TIME YOU WANT to get 20% off an entire purchase.  The only things it doesn't apply to are: finishing, framing labor, DMC & any items that are already discounted.  So, you can't come in on Super Bowl Sunday (when everything's already 20% off) & redeem your points.


Hopefully, you can see how that would impact you if you chose to BANK your Nash Cash.  Just be sure to let us know what you want to do with your Cash!


Another VERY IMPORTANT announcement!

I know I talked about using the comment section of the order form & email, etc, but this is a bit more info about specifics.  I BEG you, please use the online ordering system.  The biggest resaon we prefer this is that we know EXACTLY what you are selecting (vs an email or phone call asking for the "spring flowers" design).  This year, it seems EVERYONE has a "Spring Sampler" ~ such original names!  You can see how we could confuse ourselves trying to keep them straight ~ but if you use the online shopping cart, it helps us tremendously.  Most of y'all are getting much more comfortable with this, but for any new folks just reading this, please read on for anything that you might run across.


If you are a local & want to come pick up your order, THAT'S FABULOUS!  No, we will not charge you shipping & handling (even though it's gonna say that on your order).  Just put in the comment setion that you will be picking this up.


You do need to enter a credit card number.  Our system is secure. We did have a small breach not long ago & I went thru the ENTIRE chain to nail down what happened & where.  Turns out it was one of those emails that looks like UPS, FedEx/DHL has a package for you, blah blah blah.  And even though we know not to open them, somehow it squirmed past us. Since that took place, I have changed & increased my security program & my webmaster/shopping cart carer has scanned our program, found & removed the problematic code & continues to keep a close eye on it because of this.  I wanted y'all to know about this ~ full disclocure and all ~ because I want you to know that we are SERIOUS about security for you.  Bottom line, we are safely back in our "state of grace", as it were!


One of the security things with this system is that as you enter your card number, it's not gonna always look right ~ THAT'S OKAY!  That is done so that if someone was standing over your shoulder at Starbucks while you're placing your order, they couldn't take a picture of it or copy it down.


Now, on a slightly different tangent, I had a customer tell me what she does that I think is a great idea (which I have now put into use with my own personal purchases).  She said that she gets a refillable Visa card to use for online purchases.  She puts a specific amount on the card, makes her purchases, and repeats when necessary.  Another twist of that is to set up a separate bank account with a debit card attached.  Then transfer the specific amount into that "purchasing" account.  I am learning so much from y'all!


If you're still uncomfortable using the online system, our 2nd choice would be an email from you.  If you do this, PLEASE GIVE US AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE.  We need the name of the design, the designer, the floor, the price, anything else you can give us. If we have questions, we'll email ya.  ALSO, don't ~ DO NOT ~ email your credit card info to us.  Or anyone else for that matter.  If you email your order, then just give us a call at the shop with your charge info.


Throughout the Market we will be updating the website ~ adding even more things, adding ingredients to designs that were already posted.  We are hoping to utilize our social media accounts ~ FaceBook, Instagram ~ even more (since I now know I have to use my "device" not my computer ~ thanks Jimmy). So buckle up!  It's gonna be an exhilirating ride (kinda like a combination of a roller coaster & a whip it ride!).



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Hugs & Stitches ~

Beth, Molly & all the carnival riders at TSS