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Item Name: Coming to America: The Women of the Mayflower
Category: Special Order
Sub-Category: Special Order
Price: $35.00
WHAT IS INCLUDED: Chart for the sampler, "Coming to America ~ The Women of the Mayflower", Self-adhesive sampler label to sign and date the finished sampler Pilgrim Lady Needle Anchor - a cute little magnet to keep one's needle safe & secure. Piece of cotton backing fabric for the free bonus chart. The fabric is a reproduction of Mayflower passenger, William Bradford's handwritten journal and was designed specifically for this project. Custom printed box to house the items. This also doubles as a project box to keep all the goodies safe & secure while stitching the sampler!

Base Price: $35.00
Add Fabric: 40ct Vintage Country Mocha for $20.00
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 36ct Vint Country Mocha blpl cut for $18.50
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 32ct Vint Cntry Mocha blpl cut for $18.50
Add Fibers (40ct or 36ct): 10 overdyed for $24.50
Add Addititional fibers: 11 DMC for $6.16
Add Fibers: (32ct): 14 overdyed for $34.40
Add Additional fibers (32ct): 13 DMC for $7.28
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 20ct Vint Ctry Mocha for $16.50
Add ALTERNATE FABRIC: 18ct Vint Ctry Mocha for $15.00

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