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Item Name: Zappy Dot ~ HOD Smiling Jack
Category: 2019 Stitching
Sub-Category: 09/27/19
Price: $0.00
The Needle Nanny has 2 Rare Earth magnets ~ you can put it on your stitching or even wear it on your shirt. The Zappy Dot Magnet is a single magnet that you can put on your magnetic board OR get a fob, zinger or necklace to attach it to! The fobs, zingers, necklaces & more are listed separately in the Zappy Dot category. The scissor fobs are permanent (not magnetized dots). They are lightweight & so fun!

Base Price: $0.00
Add Single Dot Magnet for $3.50
Add Needle Nanny for $12.00
Add Permanent ball chain Scissor Fob for $10.00
Add Permanent Swivel Clip Scissor Fob for $10.00

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