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Tick Tock!  Tick Tock!

June 19th brings right up to the end of the countdown.  Where has the time gone? 

So it only seems appropriate that today is

National Watch Day, we are not suddenly selling watches, & in fact there aren't many (or any that I know of) designs OF watches.  But you know little things like that never stop us.  We are, however, actually staying a little closer to the real thing (for once!).


So.  Time is flying.  And there's a time & a season for everything. THAT'S where we're going.  Any design that has to do with


is 20% off.  I'll give ya a bunch of examples to get ya going but as you know there are more things out there hiding in the weeds, waiting for you to find them.  A few boundaries: obviously, snow equals winter & beach equals summer, but things like babies or animals know no season.  Brightly colored leaves equal autumn & flowers generally equal spring & summer, but schoolgirl samplers are year-round. 



To Everything a Season - from Moira Blackburn.  This sums it up!



No Matter How Hard the Winter - from Abby Rose. ...Spring is sure to come!

Promise of Spring - from Silver Creek.  One of our favorite models ~ and sometimes a good reminder.



Time to Stitch - from NeedleWork Press.  One of our FaceBook friends, Carol, was the first one to finish these cute designs in this clock!  We are hooked!  And, of course, it's always time to stitch!

Sampler Time - from NeedleWork Press.  Also, always Sampler Time.  There are quite a few more "Time" designs from NeedleWork Press as well.



Defining Winter - from Erica Michaels.  Love this series SO MUCH!  I think "Flannel" is so cute in this one.

Defining Spring - from Erica Michaels.  "Hatchling" is my favorite here.

Defining Summer - from Erica Michaels.  I love all of these (of course), but I actually think it would be a toss-up between "barefoot" & "thunderstorm".



Autumn Acorns - from Blue Flowers.  These are SUPER fun!  These acorns are plentiful for the taking!

Winter Acorns - from Blue Flower.  These acorns look awfully frosty!

Spring Acorns - from Blue Flowers.  Smaller acorns for springtime ~ there's so much more for those squirrels!


Sweet Spring Garden Labyrinth - from CM Designs.  I love these secret garden designs ~ the butterflies & soft colors definitely say spring!

Winter Wonderland Garden Labyrinth - from CM Designs.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue & white!  It really does look like a garden in winter.

There are labyrinths for other seasons & times!



Spring Notes - from Shepherd's Bush.  Hard to pick what's cuter ~ the sweet picture or the tiny pillows!

Summer Trifles - from Shepherd's Bush.  I love the trifles ~ in this group, my favorite is the one with the sailboat.


Autumn Notes - from Shepherd's Bush.  Love those sunflowers & the pumpkins!

Winter Trifles - from Shepherd's Bush.  I love the blue & white pillow in the front.

There are both "Notes" & "Trifles" for other seasons, holidays & fun.



Jumbles Bellpull - from Drawn Thread.  This bellpull is a combination of all 4 seasonal Jumbles designs.  It was great fun to stitch.

Simply Seasons Sampler - from Drawn Thread.  Another combination of 4 designs, put together to create one cohesive design.



Summer by the Sea - from Just Nan. little cottage by the sea...

Winter in the Forest - from Just Nan.  This is a gorgeous design!  I'm not moving into this house though! 



Spring House Trio - from Waxing Moon.  These houses are just sweet!

Summer House Trio - from Waxing Moon.  YAY Summer!!



Autumn House Trio - from Waxing Moon.  I love the rich autumn colors here.

Winter House Trio - from Waxing Moon.  I wish I knew why I love winter stitching so much!



Season Sampler: Autumn - from Madame Chantilly.  The blackbirds & black cat are cute, but I really love the poppies.

Season Sampler: Winter - from Madame Chantilly.  The snowdrops are a sweet backdrop for the robins.



Spring ABC's - from Little House.  LOVE this series!  My favorite part of this is the "nesting" bird.

Summer ABC's - from Little House.  Yum!  Ice cream, watermelon, picnics....



Autumn ABC's - from Little House.  Oh those beautiful falling leaves.

Winter ABC's - from Little House.  Brrrr....."cold", "frost", "icicles"....need I say more?


4 Seasons - from Lila's Studio.  These are 4 separate designs, but we love the way Tracy changed the colors of the fabrics & the way she framed them.



Spring - from Cricket Collection.  Oh my goodness, we have framed so many of these, and they are AMAZING!

Summer - from Cricket Collection.  Naturally Summer is the best!



Autumn - from Cricket Collection.  This is so cool ~ I love the spooky "T".

Winter - from Cricket Collection.  This is gorgeous stitched!


Bird in the Hand: 4 Seasons - from Heart in Hand.  4 sweet designs, even more fun all stitched together.  If you prefer, they are just as sweet stitched individually.



Spring Whirligig - from Heart in Hand.  So many spring motifs here!  She has these finished in one of her Heartware "tins".

Summer Whirligig - from Heart in Hand.  Okay, what's cuter?  The little red truck or the checkered stripe??



Ghirlanda d'Estate (Summer Garland) - from Renato Parolin.  I LOVE these.  I really love it just as is, but you could also omit the dangling hearts & just stitch the wreath.

Ghirlanda d'Invernno (Winter Garland) - from Renato Parolin.  I love the dark red berries.



Basketful of Spring Time - from With Thy Needle & Thread.  What a cute little bunny with his cart of chicks!

Basketful of Summer Time - from With Thy Needle & Thread.  I love the border at the bottom.  Also the pup!



Autumn in Baltimore - from With Thy Needle & Thread.  How cute is that squirrel??  He's getting ready to stock up on acorns!

Winter in Baltimore - from With Thy Needle & Thread.  Love the pinpillow ~ it is definitely a Baltimore Album quilt pattern.



Hello Winter - from Plum Street.  Good thing the design's cute ~ the sentiment IS NOT!

Hello Spring - from Plum Street. that little bunny!

Hello Summer - from Plum Street. YES PLEASE! 



Hello Fall - from Plum Street.  What's more "autumn" ~ the blackbird or the white pumpkin?

Goodbye Fall - from Plum Street. I love this chubby little cardinal, headed for winter. 



Sampler Primtemps - from Jardin Prive.  Love this series!  Each little section is cuter than cute.

Spring - from Scissor Tail.  2 darling designs ~ I love the looks like a quilt design.



Welcome Spring - from Abby Rose.  These egg-shaped "ornaments" would be lovely for springtime decorating.

Spring Peeps box - from Shepherd's Bush.  This design is obviously sweet ~ I think the blue fabric really makes it (seems odd, but there it is).



Spring is Here - from Abby Rose.  If my flowers grew this tall, I think I'd have to move!

Spring Has Sprung - from Country Cottage.  I need to keep all the bunnies in the stitching & out of my yard (I have a cute black dog who unfortunately likes to catch anything fuzzy that squeaks).



Mythical Summer - from Twin Peak Primitives.  Love this!  My fave part is the lighthouse on the whale!

Ode to Summer - from La D Da.  "The trees were green, the sun was hot, sometimes I worked, and sometimes not."  LOVE THIS!


Autumn is Calling - from Pickle Barrel.  Yeah?  Well, I'm not answering!!

Hello Autumn - from Sue Hillis.  Love the "decal" on the side of the truck.



Autumn Blessing - from Waxing Moon.  This is one of my favorite autumn designs ~ love the verse & the leaves.

Autumn Whimsies - from Scissor Tail.  So pretty in a bowl with bittersweet!



Autumn Saltboxes - from Plum Street.  Which house?  I'm going with the grey; but I'm hoping they've updated the bathrooms since 1650.  Just sayin'.

Fall Ewe All - from Shepherd's Bush.  We love these "Ewe" designs!  Each one is a free chart with the purchase of the button.  This one has a polka dot pumpkin!


Winter Sampler - from Sara Guermani.  I adore her designs!  And, ya know, blue & white...

Winter Cottage - from Victoria Sampler.  LOVE this!!  I especially love that cute black doggy!


Winter Thyme - from Hands On.  Gorgeous design!  I love the townhouses & the quilt block.  Rumor has it, Kathy is working on the 3rd one in this series....

Festive Little Fobs: Winter Edition - from Heartstring Samplery.  I love the snowflake design & the mittens!


"If I could turn back time...." ~ sing it with me now!  But really, would you?  Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna speed up time ~ it goes way too fast already.  But as far as getting a "do-over"?  Hard pass.  We used to have this type of discussion in college ~ I have one friend who was always TOO philosophical & was always said, "But you could...".  Nope.  Nope, nope, nope.  Not going thru things all over again ~ good or bad.  I think I'm too literal ~ this made me not a fun person for those late night debates.  I just think that if you knew all the things that were gonna happen, would you really choose to go thru it all over again?  And then, if you do it differently, you may end up somewhere you do not wanna be.  There are a few guys I wouldn't waste my time on...but then again, I'd have to buy my own beer & dinner & game, then I wouldn't have as many "are you kidding me?" stories!

Sooooo...nope, I wouldn't go back ~ I have faith that my path (even with whatever stumbling blocks & ugly sideshows I've survived), is taking me where I'm supposed to be.  As the saying goes, "Don't look behind you, that's not the way you're going".  You can't live there ~ it's empty.  You have to live where you are right now & make your life about the here & now. 


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the timers (old- & new-) at TSS