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Countdown to Christmas

December 17th ~ I honestly can't believe how fast this month is going. 




Here's a day we desperately need to celebrate.  While other days come & go, make us laugh, or even just roll our eyes, this one should be a priority every day.  One of the best ways of keeping the air clean & ensuring that future generations can enjoy it, is to continue to nurture trees & plants...they're the things that keep us breathing the oxygen we need! celebrate Clean Air Day, anything to do with the forest is 20% off.  Trees, animals & whatever you can show me is found in a forest.


There are so many things that fit this category!  Don't limited by what I feature here ~ there are far too many goodies to show you.  You'll have to do some adventuring on your own!



And A Forest Grew - from Rosewood Manor.  You can celebrate today without a forest!



Wildflower Woodland Quaker - from Tempting Tangles.  A brand new design & the timing couldn't be better!

Dog's Declaration - from Ink Circles.  Another new release that fits perfectly with today's theme!



Hurt Not the Earth - from Plum Street.  I thought this perfectly fit in with Clean Air Day.

Festive Little Fobs: Woodland Edition - from Heartstring Samplery.  Jam-packed with forest friends!



christmas in the Forest - from Madame Chantilly.  I love this group of forest friends!

Vintage Animal Sampler - from Jeannette Douglas.  So many fun forest animals.



Music Amongst the Trees Sampler - from Samplers NotForgotten.  The forest is filled with songs in the air.

Courage Deer Heart - from Kathy Barrick.  Love this sampler ~ I'm just hoping those 2 gals don't have to get inside those houses....



Friends of the Hart - from Plum Street.  All these critters look so happy to be out in the forest.

Athene Noctua (Athena's Owl) - from Ink Circles.  This motif is adapted from ancient Egyptian artifacts.  So cool!



Winter in the Forest - from Just Nan.  This is such a lovely, almost elegant design.  I love the snowflakes.

Forests of Sumatra - from Ink Circles.  I am so enamored with this design.  I can tell I'm going to have to start stitching it soon.



Frosty Forest Series - from Country Cottage.  This is such a fun wintry series, with lots of frosty forest friends.

Welcome to the Forest Series - from Country Cottage.  More forest friends, but in much less chilly surroundings.



Tall Trees Coverlet Pincushion - from Threadwork Primitives.  The taller the trees, the better the air.

Quaker Fox - from Workbasket.  This is such a gorgeous fox ~ this one's already in Molly's stash.



Winter Snow Owl - from Blackberry Lane.  The amount of detail she gets in her designs is amazing.  And amazingly beautiful.

Starlight - from Madame Chantilly.  In the forest, you don't need fancy lights or ornaments.



Autumn Gifts - from Plum Street.  I love this design.  Every time I see it, I notice something different!

Sheltering Tree: Winter - from Annie Beez. It looks like these foxes are doing a dance around the tree!



Christmas Portrait - from Madame Chantilly.  There was never a lovelier portrait anywhere ~ just adorable.

Candy Cane Wishes - from Brenda Gervais, With Thy Needle & Thread.  Gorgeous greens from the forest.



Forest Flower - from Ink Circles.  I love the colors in this one.

Paisley Owl - from Shannon Christine.  This owl is so pretty he could almost be a peacock.



Treetops - from CM Designs. If you squint, this does indeed look like a view of a forest from above.

Fragments in Time, Fox - from Summer House Stitche Workes.  This guy looks like he's in a hurry!



Fragments in Time, Deer - from summer House Stitche Workes.  I love the folk art look of this.

Noah's Christmas Ark VI, Ravens & Deer - from Plum Street. Even tho these ravens are on the ark, they'd be just as at home in the forest or gliding thru the air.



Winter Fox - from Pineberry Lane.  A great prim design.

Deer Friends - from Plum Street.  These deer are gorgeous!



Yosemite Santa - from Mill Hill.  There's no better place to lose yourself out in nature than Yosemite.

Yellowstone Santa - from Mill Hill.  This Santa is sure to be happy out enjoying the beauty of Yellowstone.


Remember, it's not just designs!  I've popped in a few fibers to get your brain looking that direction too!


Deep Forest - from Sampler Threads.

Forest Glade - from Sampler Threads.


There are quite a few more fibers, but I'm out of space! 



There are lots of designs out there with air, forest & clean outdoors.  If you can "sell it" you might just get what you want.

I have a confession: I've had a tough time with this newsletter today.  No specific reason, just a grey day.  Let me just say that this newsletter is all thanks to Tracy ~ she pulled charts, made lists & did all the work except the yipyap.  And then as I approached this particular theme, I was discouraged by the direction our country has taken as far as the environment & choosing to value big money over clean air or clean water or even protecting green space.  And no, I'm not blaming any one person ~ no one in Washington seems willing to work together for anyone's best interests, except their own longevity.

So then, after going & watching the boys' basketball games (I'll only get 1 more year...), I came home to buckle down.  I flipped on the TV, realizing it was still another hour plus until the Eagles game (still watching it....), and noticed that one of my favorite movies was on: The Sound of Music!  This was bound to help, right?  Nope.  This is the first time I've REALLY watched some of the subtexts of this, regarding Germany annexing Austria & how a family had to make the choice to leave their homeland and walk across the border to get to safety & asylum.  Sound familiar?  Lucky for them, there was no Border Patrol in the Alps ready to deny them a chance at a life beyond what we now know was horrific tyranny & genocide.  For the first time, I ended up crying thru The Sound of Music. 

The good news is, I flipped back to the Eagles game & they're winning.  So far.  Still 2 minutes left ~ anything could happen. 

So I extend my apologies for not being able to write the way I like too.  Don't worry ~ this too shall pass, right?  I'm gonna wrap this up & get it on its way, head to bed & start over tomorrow.


Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & all the earth's children at TSS