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This is a quick note to remind you about our VERY quickly approaching deadlines! 


Y'all have been PROLIFIC stitchers this year & both Therese & myself are amazed at the gorgeous things that continue to come in for finishing & framing.


In light of this amazing volume, we have set our deadlines for Christmas finishing & framing.  These dates are hard lines: we don't anticipate extending them, so PLEASE don't ask us ~ we hate saying no, but we also know what awaits us & how much time each of your projects will require of us.


So without further ado, the deadlines.


The LAST DAY to drop off something for finishing ~ EVEN IF IT'S NOT FOR CHRISTMAS ~ is Tuesday, August 15th.


The last day to drop off items for framing ~ EVEN IF IT'S NOT FOR CHRISTMAS ~ is Saturday, September 2nd.


Please note that specific phrase ~ even if it's not for Christmas.  We will not be accepting items for finishing of for framing between those cutoff dates & the end of the year.  We don't want to get your piece caught up in the craziness that happens around here & we're grateful for your understanding.  If for some reason we feel we can lift that restriction as we get into the Fall, we will let you know. 


One more thing to note.  The closer to the deadline that you drop off your piece, the later you will get it back.  So if you bring in 5 pieces that you'd like to have for "Christmas decorating" on September 2nd, you will most likely get them back ~ BEFORE CHRISTMAS ~ but only just (close to December 20th).


So get busy, finish up those stockings, ornaments, pillows & pictures, and get them in to us.  We want to get as much done for you as possible!!



Hugs & stitches ~

Beth & Therese & all of the finished ones at TSS