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Item Name: Summer Schoolhouse ~ 4 part series
Category: 2017 Stitching
Sub-Category: 05/26/17
Item Number: price is for all 4 installments
Price: $48.00
Size: on 28ct over 1, each piece is no bigger than 5 inches in 1 direction ~ we don't know the full dimensions of each design, but with a 9" wide piece of fabric, we know at least 1 measurement!
This series has 4 installments, featuring 6 projects. These designs are all stitched on 28ct Lugana Mushroom OVER 1 THREAD. This fabric is great for stitching over 1 if you've not done it before. Each project is individually finished (we don't know how yet!), so this is not 1 large piece. If you are not comfortable stitching over 1 on 28ct, we will happily find another fabric for you so that you can stitch on what you love!

Base Price: $48.00
Add Fabric: 28ct lugana mushroom 9x55 OVER 1 for $12.30
Add Fibers: 15 overdyed for $36.50

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